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The Consul Experience

Video Stories

From São Paulo to Munich, from Florence to Lima — check out our Consuls from around the world as they talk about their experiences with InterNations.


What does it take to be a great InterNations Consul? What can you learn in this highly rewarding role? What are the best moments of being a Consul?

We asked InterNations Consuls from around the world these and a few more questions — here are their stories:


Interested in hearing more about the Consul experience? Watch this series of short videos that will take you behind the scenes of what it means to be an InterNations Consul.



Learn more about some of the Consuls featured in these videos:


About Roger Peek

Roger is a Consul of the Language Exchange Group and a Newcomers’ Ambassador in the São Paulo Community.

About Salman Mitha

Salman is a Consul of the Golf Group and American Get-Together Group in the Munich Community.

About Federico Curcio

Federico is a Consul of the Coffee Break Group in the Florence Community.

About Elena Boqué

Elena is a Consul of the Quiz Explorers Group in the Munich Community.

Recent Activities organized by Salman and Roger and Federico and Elena

More Stories from Consuls Worldwide

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