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Donations for Change in Tokyo

Ayako Yamamoto - InterNations Changemakers Group Consul, Tokyo

Having experienced the Changemakers Group in Munich, Ayako is now making a difference in her home city of Tokyo.

Originally from Japan, Ayako enjoys making a difference in her InterNations Community and sharing this experience with the Changemakers Group. Coming back to Japan after 16 years abroad in Germany, Ayako jumped at the chance to get involved.

Ayako has been a Changemakers Consul since 2016. When she lived in Munich, she was a member of the Munich Changemakers Group. The Consuls organized great activities that she had not experienced before. They were really impressive and gave her some food for thought. Especially as of 2015, when the number of refugees from Syria drastically increased, the group began to help them at Bayernkaserne and hosted Social Impact Night events in their support. Moreover, she really liked the activity to visit a facility for the handicapped and enjoy the day together. All these Changemakers Activities brought her so much JOY!

When Ayako eventually returned to Japan in September 2016, she noticed that InterNations had launched a Changemakers Group in Tokyo! She believed it would be a good chance to get to know new people and, together with the members, grow the group and help make a difference.

From the very beginning, Ayako, together with the Changemakers Group in Tokyo, has supported JVC (Japan International Volunteer Center). JVC was established 37 years ago and has various important activities in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as Fukushima/Kumamota — regions affected by earthquakes. During Tokyo’s first Social Impact Night, she introduced JVC and discussed its Fukushima project. As a Consul, she wanted to focus equally on domestic and foreign issues.

Ayako has been very creative in her Changemakers Activities. She started hiking and dinner gatherings in order to raise donations, which are relatively easy to hold regularly. English is not so well-spoken by Japanese people, so it can be hard at times to host volunteering activities, however, she is continuously seeking ways and opportunities to make society / the world a better place. The members of the Tokyo Changemakers Group give her so many good ideas which inspire the activities, and they are so supportive and helpful! She is also appreciative of her co-Consuls and their support!  

Her number one tip for new Changemakers Consuls:

‘’One should always think about the risks when creating an activity. Sometimes those who signed up for an activity do not appear, which may cause payment issues. So, if you hold an event and take into consideration this risk, you have to precisely manage attendees through personal confirmation messages and other methods.’’

Ayako has been a Changemakers Consul since 2016 and enjoys bringing members together to make a change in her home city of Tokyo, Japan. 

Recent Activities organized by Ayako

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