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Making a Difference in Dallas

Sanjeeb, Shalah & Doaa - InterNations Group Consuls, Dallas

Wanting to truly make a difference in their community, Sanjeeb, Shalah and Doaa have been Consuls of the Dallas Volunteer Group ever since it started in 2014.

Working together as a team of Consuls helps bring a diverse set of ideas not just in what you should do but also in how you run things.

The three Consuls come from diverse backgrounds and bring different qualities from their experiences to the team. Shalah was born in Uganda and came to Canada as a refugee many years ago. She subsequently settled in the USA and has lived in Dallas for over three years now. Originally from Malaysia, Sanjeeb has lived in Asia and Europe before settling in the US in 1990 and in Dallas in 1992. Doaa was born and raised in Palestine, and moved to Dallas in early 2008 to pursue a Master’s degree. All three of them have been Consuls of the Dallas Volunteer Group ever since its inception in 2014.

Sanjeeb, Shala and Doaa all agree that team work has played a key role in their Volunteer Group’s success. Shalah says that “chemistry and team organization has been so important in encouraging our InterNations volunteer family to participate in large numbers to better serve communities in need.”

“We’re a team of three Consuls here in Dallas and we worked very hard to get a Volunteer Group set up. Dallas needed a Volunteer Group and I am blessed to have found two others, Shalah and Doaa who had equal passion for helping those in need. We shared a common view of what the Dallas Community needed and how InterNations could help. Being a Consul enabled me and my Co-Consuls to drive this vision,” recalls Sanjeeb.

The three work closely with two local non-profit groups, The Human Rights Initiative (HRI) and Heart House (HH), which are both focused on helping the local refugee populations in Dallas.

“Being able to meet the very basic needs, and lessen the suffering, even if only temporarily, of the families; the men, women and children who have experienced the worst of circumstances in their home countries, and came to Dallas in the hope of starting a new peaceful future will forever be one of my proudest achievements,” says Doaa.

These fantastic Consuls are supported by a team of committed volunteers who help to bring all of their activities to life.

“In a short period of existence of 1.5 years, the InterNations Dallas Volunteer Group has grown to a size of 335 members. We average 20–30 volunteers for our activities.  I am also proud of the brand we have established for InterNations in the Dallas community. Our partner organizations have often praised our members for their dedication and commitment,” sums up Sanjeeb.

And What Are Their Top Tips for New Consuls?

Doaa says that you should “make an effort to fully understand the needs of the organizations, as well as the populations you're trying to help. This can keep you on the right track, and can help you maintain a healthy perspective.”

Sanjeeb adds to this, recommending “working as a team of Consuls. At times, it may seem easier to just work solo even if there are other Consuls. However, from my experience, a little time to establish chemistry and getting to know your fellow Consuls will go a long way in your and the community’s success. Working together as a team of Consuls helps bring a diverse set of ideas not just in what you should do, but also in how you run things.”

Sanjeeb was born in Malaysia and moved to the US in 1990, settling in Dallas in 1992. He takes an extremely active role in the Dallas Community, and is not only a valued Consul of the Volunteer Group but also an Ambassador for the community.

About Shala Virani

Shala can especially relate to the organizations the group supports, having started life in Canada as a refugee herself, fleeing from Uganda. She now feels at home in the USA and has lived in Dallas for over 3 years.

Recent Activities organized by Shalah and Sanjeeb

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