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Expat Research

The Best & Worst Places for Expats in 2018

None of the top 3 expat destinations are “breakout stars”, with Bahrain, Taiwan, and Ecuador all having held a spot on the podium in the past.

The Best & Worst Cities for Expats in 2018

Asian newcomers Taipei and Singapore manage to relegate the 2017 winner, Manama, to third place, while the “Eternal City” lands in the bottom 3. The Expat Insider City Ranking 2018 gives insights into expat life in these and many more cities around the globe.

The Biggest Winners & Losers

Panama, Ecuador, and Australia all find their way back to old strength, while Israel scores a new personal best. Not all countries improve their scores though, as Sweden and Romania can attest.

The Best Places for Expat Men and Women

While men and women are mostly in agreement on the best and worst expat destinations worldwide, opinions on Oman, Finland, Romania, Cyprus, and Indonesia differ widely.

Where Happy Expat Families Live

Austria has made a comeback to the top 3 in 2018. For expat families in Qatar, Poland, and Belgium, the situation has also significantly improved.

There’s No Place Like Home

Bahrain remains in first place when it comes to ease of settling in, with Mexico and Costa Rica rounding out the top 3, in second and third place, respectively.

Digital Expat Havens Around the World

Myanmar and Egypt are among the least connected countries for expats, while a faster-paced, digitally forward-thinking lifestyle thrives in the Nordic Countries.

Love Is All Around: Expat Relationships Worldwide

Luckily, most expats in a relationship are happy with this aspect of their life abroad. Among other factors, their happiness may depend on their reason for moving, though.
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Expat Life

What Is an Expat, Anyway?

The word "expat" can sometimes be hard to define. What we think that all expats have in common is their pioneering spirit and their readiness to deal with the unknown.

The Pros and Cons of a Career Abroad

Moving abroad has a huge impact not only on your personal life, but on your professional life, too. Earning a living in another country can be the start of an international career and network to match, but there can also be some down sides.

Why Expats Are Modern-Day Pioneers

From seventeenth-century settlers searching for the new world to the scientists behind groundbreaking discoveries, pioneers dominate the history books. Though their adventures may be very different, what unites all pioneers is a sense of adventure.

Why Being an Expat Is the Absolute Best and the Absolute Worst

Being an expat can be both the most amazing experience in the world and the hardest. From fantastic new friends, to feeling far from home, find out just how simultaneously difficult and awesome life abroad can be!

Five Things People Will Say When You Tell Them You’re Moving Abroad

Telling your friends and family that you are moving abroad can be an interesting experience. Some will be thrilled for you while others may simply not understand why you want to become an expat. Here are some common reactions to telling your loved ones that you’re changing your address — in a big way.

InterNations Members

Meet Sam: Expat Against the Odds

Sam left Kuwait to live in the US: “I arrived with $200 and a dream: I worked three jobs, slept at the university engineering lab, at my friends’ apartment, or in my car, and often had to eat at homeless shelters. Today I am the Vice President and partner at MENA lighting LLC.”

Meet Rachel: An Expat Journey from Peru to Portugal

Rachel moved from the US to Peru, Ecuador, and Portugal: “Almost three years — and three countries — after I left the US, I can imagine what my journey must look like from an outside perspective: possibly slightly nuts. And I might be moving countries again.”

Meet Jim: Growing While Giving Back

Jim is an experienced expat, having lived and worked in over 20 nations and traveled to over 60 countries: “I have always preferred the far richer experience of living locally, feeling part of a place with a clear purpose rather than simply visiting as a tourist.”

Meet Scott: A Careful Pioneer’s Guide to Following Your Dream

Scott and his wife moved from the US to Italy, and now reside in Malaysia: “I never thought of myself as the adventurous, pioneering sort. But, perhaps, I am in my own anti-bungee-jumping and look-both-ways approach to life.”

Meet Jérôme: Canada, Love, and a Change of Plan

Jérôme was ready to move to Canada, but ended up in Brno, Czech Republic: “I am sure that my family thought I was crazy. Some friends imagined I was moving to a ‘developing country’ located in eastern Europe.”

Meet Jo: Separated by a Common Language

Jo moved to the US for her husband’s job: “I have had to change, and I have had good days and some more challenging days. But then came the really good stuff.”

Meet Lorena: Searching for the Perfect Place to Call Home

Lorena moved three times to find the perfect home: “No matter where you move or what you end up doing, one thing is certain: as an expat you will face adversity. Make sure you do your part — and if it does not work out, move again.”

Meet Kimberly: Consul of the Sunshine Coast Group

Originally intended to bring together expats who live in the area, Kimberley’s adventurous activities are so exciting that some members come from as far as the Gold Coast, a two-hour drive, to take part!

Corporate Stories

Why Diversity Makes a Company More Innovative

The InterNations team is a real melting pot of different cultures and nationalities, with 110 members from more than 30 different countries working together every day. An interview with our Head of HR Christa Fellner about the benefits of diversity and the importance of working abroad.

Ten Moments That Made InterNations

Growing from a start-up to a global network has been an incredible journey: here are the stand-out moments that got us to where we are today.

What It Takes to Succeed: 10 Learnings from 10 Years as a Startup

Growing an idea into a successful business takes time and dedication. Here at InterNations, we have collected our fair share of learnings over ten years as a start-up, from being realistic to the importance of feedback.

Changemaker Groups Go Green for World Environment Day

InterNations Changemakers Groups support local environmental initiatives around the globe, and their members are no strangers to rolling up their sleeves to get a job done. Here we showcase three local initiatives to make a difference, in Dubai, Los Angeles, and Manila.

Beyond Charity — The InterNations Changemakers

The InterNations Changemakers support various initiatives, schools, and shelters with their actions, money, and goods to help make the world a better place.

Over 280 Parties for 10 Years of InterNations

The InterNations global community sure knows how to celebrate in style, with over 280 parties around the world, marking 10 years of InterNations. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights!
Country-specific versions are available in different languages in the download section at the end of each press release and upon request.