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10 Different Types of Expatriates

What’s an expat anyway? Next to the classic expat who has been sent on an assignment, people relocate abroad for a variety of reasons.

Based on statistical methods for cluster analysis, the survey population was segmented into several sub-groups according to the similarity of their responses. Thanks to this, certain trends and tendencies among these sub-groups started to emerge.

Drawing on these results, ten expat types could be identified through the Expat Insider survey: from the classic Foreign Assignee and the Traveling Spouse, to the Career Expat who found a job abroad on their own and the Adventurer looking for a personal challenge.

The graphic below provides a handy overview of the characteristic features of these ten expat types, such as the predominant gender, their typical countries of residence, their working life, and their motivation for moving abroad.

10 Types of Expats That Roam the World — infographic

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