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Moving abroad?

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Moving Abroad

You are standing in front of a pile of half-empty moving boxes thinking what to bring, what to leave – does this sound familiar? Moving abroad, especially for a longer period of time, is never an easy feat. The InterNations expat guide helps you prepare for this endeavor.

Most people want to bring everything they own to their new home abroad. Not only is it a reminder of home, but it creates comfort and helps you to get accustomed to the new situation. However, it can easily turn into chaos.

Preparations for Your Move

Moving abroad with your family may add additional stress to your preparations. We have come up with several checklists to help you prepare your move abroad and make final arrangements before the actual moving day. Things that may appear trivial at first, such as canceling a magazine subscription or getting the right packaging material, may be lifesavers at the end if done properly. The more crucial steps such as getting the proper visas and insurances, may prove to be more complicated than originally expected. Some countries take a long time to complete the approval process for a visa, which may ultimately conflict with your moving date. Therefore it is very important that you keep close tabs and tick off all the steps on your checklist for moving abroad in order.

Moving Abroad with Your Family

In order to make the expat experience a success for everyone in your family, be sure to include your partner and children in the process. Organizing an international move is a complicated prospect, which may be especially difficult for children to understand. Therefore it is important that you work as a team. It is also possible that even if you are looking forward to moving abroad, your family may not be, which will require more emotional support and perhaps a bit of coaxing. Keeping in touch with friends and family from home after your move is not only comforting for your children and partner, but also for yourself! As a big move is always a difficult feat at first, try to go easy on yourself and your loved ones by following some simple tips we have provided for you.