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The Friend Every New Expat Needs

Anne-Carole Remy - InterNations Member, Singapore

During her time as InterNations Newcomers’ Ambassador, Anne-Carole Remy helped connect the diverse expatriate community in Singapore and supported members to get off to the best possible start in their new city!

I took the position of Newcomers’ Ambassador because I wanted to try to be the friend I would have loved to have met when I first moved abroad.

Having been a Group Consul while previously living in Monaco, it wasn’t long after touching down in Singapore that Anne-Carole decided to connect with her new InterNations Community — becoming Consul of the Women Only Group. “I am absolutely astounded by the calibre of women I meet in this group, it’s just incredible. They are all very fun, smart women who are really open to each other — it’s a brilliant atmosphere,” she says.

In 2014, ‘Newcomers’ Events’ were officially launched in around 30 InterNations Communities worldwide. Hosted by a Newcomers’ Ambassador, the purpose of these events is to bring together members new to InterNations or existing members who have recently moved cities in order to help them make connections in their new environment.

The Newcomers’ Ambassador plays a critical role in hosting these events. They are an important first contact for newcomers and help them get started in their new city. Given her success as a Consul and her naturally welcoming personality, Anne-Carole was perfect for the role.

“I took the position of Newcomers’ Ambassador because I wanted to try to be the friend I would have loved to have met when I first moved abroad,” she says.

Since joining as a Newcomers’ Ambassador in November 2013, Anne-Carole has hosted monthly events to welcome new and existing members to InterNations Singapore. As an event host, Anne-Carole says her role is made all the more easy by a vibrant expatriate crowd who are excited to meet each other and naturally build a welcoming atmosphere at her events.

“For me, the most rewarding part is that people attending the events really take on the InterNations motto ‘Nobody Stands Alone’. People are really connected to this, they understand that everyone is in the same situation and the best way to make it work is to just start talking to people,” Anne-Carole says.

For a large financial hub like Singapore, the pace of expatriate life and work-related stress can sometimes be overbearing. For expatriates new to Singapore, Anne-Carole’s key piece of advice is to get socializing right from the beginning. Whether it’s making time for a bike ride or a night out, it’s important to keep your life balanced.

And what are Anne-Carole’s tips for new Ambassadors?

  • Enlist people who arrive early and ask them to help you welcome guests to your event.
  • As a host, you need to be able to erase a bad day or mood and ensure you can make it an enjoyable evening for everyone. You need to really enjoy it!
  • Personally, I try to use the same venues to make it easier for myself. Once you have the venues selected and good relationships with venue management, scheduling events is easy.

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