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Vienna Offers a Great Quality of Life but Ranks Worst for Settling In

Vienna ranks 27th out of 50 cities in the Expat City Ranking 2022, performing very well in the Quality of Life and Personal Finance Indices, but coming last for the Ease of Settling In.

In the Expat City Ranking 2022, Vienna lands in an average 27th place out of 50. On the plus side, it ranks in the top 10 of the Quality of Life Index (7th), mainly due to Travel & Transit (1st) and Health & Well-Being (2nd). Expats in Vienna describe public transportation as easily available (97% happy vs. 73% globally) and affordable (90% vs. 70% globally). Both the availability (3rd) and the affordability (4th) of healthcare, as well as its quality (9th), receive great results too.

Vienna also offers the respondents a pleasant urban environment (86% happy vs. 67% globally) and various “green” goods and services (83% vs. 64% globally). “I like the huge variety of things to do and the ability to get around with public transportation,” says a US American expat. Even so, Vienna is not that expensive, ranking ninth in the Personal Finance Index: 54% rate the cost of living positively (vs. 45% globally).

However, the Ease of Settling In Index (50th) is a major drawback. Here, Vienna is the worst-rated city worldwide, also coming in last place for Local Friendliness (50th). Expats describe the local residents as unfriendly in general (43% unhappy vs. 17% globally) and towards foreign residents in particular (46% vs. 18% globally). Moreover, 54% have a hard time making local friends (vs. 37% globally). Another 32% do not feel welcome in Vienna (vs. 16% globally) — the city ranks last for this factor as well. “I really dislike the grumpiness and the unfriendliness,” an expat from Sweden shares.

In the other indices, Vienna has a fairly average performance, with some top results balancing out a few subpar ones. In the Working Abroad Index (26th), 68% of expats consider their job secure (vs. 59% globally), while 66% view their work-life balance favorably (vs. 62% globally). Still, 23% are unhappy with their career opportunities (vs. 22% globally), and 35% think the business culture does not encourage creativity (vs. 26% globally).

When it comes to Expat Essentials (28th), housing in Vienna is considered easy to afford (9th). Moreover, 79% of expats find it easy to open a local bank account in Vienna (vs. 64% globally). But it was not that simple to get a visa to move there (38th), and the city lags behind for cashless payment options (42nd).

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