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  • Ruben Barbosa

    "After work I enjoy meeting other Brazlian expats offline. We go for a beer together and it feels like home. Thanks InterNations."

What It’s Like to Be a Brazilian Expat Abroad 

An estimated 1.5 million Brazilian citizens live abroad. A majority of them decide to begin their new lives in the United States, but countries across Europe and Asia are also popular. From festivals to football, food to free-time activities, there are a lot of differences between life in Brazil and in other countries across the globe. But what does taking the step and moving abroad really feel like?

Wherever you move to in the world, it’s common to feel a mix of emotions as you set out on your expat adventure. It’s common to feel a mixture of excitement about discovering a new culture and way of life, and a sense of homesickness at the same time. You’ll most likely bond with other Brazilian expats over the things you miss from home — whether it be family traditions, the samba, or the beach. As you embrace your new life and surroundings, spending time with people who remind you of home can be a great way to stay positive.

How to Meet Other Brazilian Expats

When you move to a new place, it can take some time to get settled and feel at home — especially when you’re also adjusting to a new language and culture. It can be very helpful to find others who face similar challenges. Getting to know fellow Brazilian expats when you move abroad can make a huge difference in your experience. As the largest expat network with more than 4 million members, InterNations is a great way to connect with other Brazilians abroad. Established in 2007, it’s a trusted community offering a range of experiences that bring global minds together.

Attending InterNations events is an easy way to connect with other Brazilian expats abroad! You’ll find varied networking opportunities and activities tailored to your hobbies and interests, available both online and in person. The events have a laid-back vibe where you can exchange tips about expat life in your destination and make new friends. 

A Few Facts about Brazilian Expats

InterNations conducts an annual survey of expats worldwide called Expat Insider, looking at everything from why they moved abroad to how happy they are in their new home.  

Here’s what Brazilian expats shared about their experiences:

  • The most common reason for Brazilians to move abroad was for love, following their partners to their home country.

  • 80% of Brazilians are generally satisfied with their life in their destination country, compared to the global average of 76%.

  • 35% of Brazilians say that they would stay in their destination country possibly forever, compared to the global average of 33%.

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The Top Countries for Brazilian Expats

So, where can you find other Brazilian expats living abroad? InterNations has 420 communities in 166 countries. Wherever you go in the world, you can connect with fellow Brazilians who decided to relocate for work, love, or to simply start a new adventure. Here are the most popular destinations for Brazilian expats: 

Brazilian Expat Communities in Africa

There are many destinations in Africa where you can meet fellow Brazilian expats — both newcomers and long-time expats. Before long, you’ll find new friends to explore this vast and exciting continent with!

Brazilian Expat Communities in Asia 

Diverse and welcoming, Asia boasts a wide array of opportunities for expats and people seeking new experiences. With a huge amount of cultural and culinary variety between each country, Asia promises an exciting life for any Brazilian looking to begin a new chapter.

Brazilian Expat Communities in Europe

Europe is a favorite destination for Brazilian expats, with good reason. From charming small towns, modern cities, and a variety of languages and cultures, you’ll enjoy living and working here. You could even ease the transition by choosing to settle among people who speak your native tongue!

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Brazilian Expat Communities in North America

The United States is easily the most popular choice for Brazilian expats. Whether you prefer to stay in the warmer locations of the south or brave the chilly winters farther north, you can discover new opportunities and experiences.

Brazilian Expat Communities in Oceania 

It’s a long way from home, but there’s much to explore! With a great climate, laid-back friendliness, and a high quality of life, there are many great reasons to choose destinations like Australia and New Zealand if you’re considering a move abroad. You will even find beaches here to rival those at home! 

Brazilian Expat Communities in South- & Middle America

Many Brazilian expats are drawn to life in other South American countries. Paraguay is a particularly popular choice for Brazilians, but many countries on this exciting, diverse continent have their own appeal. A sense of cultural familiarity can make these countries particularly appealing for Brazilians who may be looking for a new start somewhere that doesn’t feel too far from home.

  • Ruben Barbosa

    "After work I enjoy meeting other Brazlian expats offline. We go for a beer together and it feels like home. Thanks InterNations."

  • Maria Loura

    "Some information on InterNations helped me a great deal, and I'm sure other expats in Helsinki feel the same way."

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