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  • Mathias Döringer

    Thanks to InterNations, I have now made some new friends, who taught me a lot about the expat experience in Maputo.

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Olá e bem-vindo — good day to our expat community in the port city of Beira, Mozambique. Should you be required to move to Beira for professional or family reasons, you might be surprised by the old charm of the location, which was once a vacation destination of choice for the rich and famous of Zimbabwe. While there will be plenty of time for expats to relax on Beira's beaches, InterNations is here to help with the issues that are at the forefront of the mind when embarking on a foreign adventure. The legions of expats in our network that are based in Africa can help you answer questions such as, "what is schooling like in Beira?", "did you take malaria tablets daily?", and "how long did it take you to learn basic Portuguese?".

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Sep 25, 2019, 6:00 PM
1 attendee
Come join us on a drink after work to celebrate the birth of InterNations going into the 12th year now. Hope to see as many of you as possible. Venu: Cafe/Restaurant inside Lunamar Hotel. https://www
Aug 22, 2019, 6:00 PM
11 attendees
Hi folks, After work beer and the newly opened Big Five. People will start showing up after work around 18:00, come for a beer and catch up with other internationals. Address is shown as below: ht
Enjoy a relaxing after work beer with fellow Internationers on Wednesday 17th July at Zizi, and try their signature swiss style Mongolian dish Sombreiro, RSVP. Contact Jay direction if unsure about t
Jun 8, 2019, 6:30 PM
3 attendees
Beira would never be the same after the raid of cyclone idei. But life goes on. After a long pause InterNations event is back again. Let Rafick from Pakistan take us to the only Pakistani restaurant i

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The city of Beira has seen better days, but the beauty of its beaches has not diminished, making it a desirable destination for some expats. Many expats work for NGOs in Mozambique, where Beira is the second-largest city. Recent investments in the oil and gas industries are expected to attract more expats to the city, resulting in a higher standard of accommodation and leisure options, and adding to the wide variety of bars and clubs. Gyms and leisure clubs of note include Nauticus in Macuti; there are also Portuguese language classes available at the Language Institute.

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You might find scant information on Beira on the internet, as is the case with many cities in Africa. This is where your InterNations Beira Community comes in, creating an invaluable knowledge pool and information exchange on any issue you can think of. There is safety in numbers, and by connecting with fellow expats, you give yourself the best chance of being completely prepared for your move to Beira. Once you have arrived in Beira, you can come to our monthly social and networking events to meet fascinating international people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. You can also join groups for various interests so you can keep enjoying the activities you love. If there isn't a group open yet for your favorite hobby, you can always open your own! With InterNations, you'll have built up a new social circle in no time and will feel right at home in Beira.

  • Mathias Döringer

    Thanks to InterNations, I have now made some new friends, who taught me a lot about the expat experience in Maputo.

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