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Living in Windhoek

A small and welcoming city in the heart of Namibia, Windhoek is a popular choice for expats seeking a more laid back side of Africa. Boasting modern office buildings, well-groomed parks and a cosmopolitan population, Windhoek is the perfect place to begin an exciting African adventure.

Culture and Leisure in Windhoek

As the largest and most populous city in Namibia, Windhoek is home to the majority of cultural institutions in the country. 

Expatriates living in Windhoek have easy access to a variety of culture and leisure facilities. From the National Museum of Namibia and the National Theatre of Namibia to the Old Breweries Craft Market and the leafy Zoo Park, international workers living in and around Windhoek have plenty of entertainment options to choose from. 

As well as a good range of restaurants, bars and shops in the center of the city, Windhoek has some fantastic countryside on its doorstep. Any expats living in Windhoek can spend their weekdays soaking up the culture and buzz of the city and their weekends exploring the spectacular African plains. 

The city is the starting point for most of the safari tours that operate in Namibia, making it easy to get out and about and explore the surrounding countryside and resident wildlife. 

Safety and Security in Windhoek

With its stable, democratically elected government, Namibia enjoys very low levels of political and ethnic tensions. As a result, Windhoek is safer than many other African capitals and violent crime, attacks and discrimination against foreign residents are rare. 

However, expats living in Windhoek should be aware that petty crime is common, especially in the city center. Expats and tourists alike are often targeted by pickpockets, bag snatchers, and credit card fraudsters and foreign workers living in Windhoek should take appropriate precautions when visiting restaurants, bars, and cafes in the city at night. 

Though the general standard of Namibia’s main road network is good, secondary roads are often in very poor condition and long distance travel can be dangerous. Driving in the capital can be erratic and road fatalities are not uncommon in Windhoek and the rest of the country. 

Healthcare in Windhoek

Namibia has both public and private healthcare facilities with private doctors and hospitals generally meeting Western standards. Most expats living in Windhoek have private health insurance, and this is advisable for anyone moving to the city. 

Expats requiring an ambulance in Windhoek should call 211111 and contact their health insurance provider as soon as possible if they are taken ill. 

Though expatriates living in Windhoek will not need to take anti-Malaria medication, other vaccinations and preventative medications are recommended and any workers looking to relocate to the city should consult a doctor in their country of origin before they leave.  

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