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Jacques Paillard
"Moving to Tirana was much more seamless when I knew that InterNations would provide me with a fantastic network of expats."
Luciana Barros
"InterNations has helped me meet other South American expat women in Tirana."

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Ç'kemi and welcome to Tirana, Albania's thriving capital city! In the years since the country emerged from isolationist seclusion in the early 1990s, Tirana has played a key role in Albania's remarkable transformation into a busy and gregarious member of the global community. However, the city is still something of a mystery to many outsiders, with tourism and foreign investment only recently coming to the forefront. This may make relocating to Tirana feel rather intimidating — which is where InterNations comes in. Our unique platform supports expats living and working in Tirana, with a host of useful resources designed to make your transition to the Albanian way of life as smooth as possible. Simply join InterNations and you'll be able to find the answers to a host of important questions you might have about Tirana — such as what to expect from Albanian business and social culture, where to find the best international schools and which districts to look at for buying or renting property. You can also share your own experiences by becoming an active member of our community. Whether you're here for business opportunities, due to family connections, or simply to experience one of Europe's hidden corners, Tirana is an excellent city to spend time in, from the colorful buildings and busy shopping districts to the magnificent countryside right on your doorstep.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Jakarta or Bangkok.

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  • Moving to Tirana

    As Albania's capital city, Tirana is the hub for most industries in the country, with Tirana acting as an important regional hub for a lot of sectors, too. Discover this growing expat destination in Eastern Europe with our guide with valuable info about visas, the climate and more!
  • Living in Tirana

    Tirana is one of the liveliest capital cities in Europe, and it is becoming increasingly appealing for expats who are seeking new opportunities. Are you looking forward to life in this hidden gem? Get to know local transportation in Tirana, learn about its culture, and read up on safety and security!
  • Working in Tirana

    Albania's belated embracing of free market economics has led to an explosion in opportunities for work in Tirana. Many industries are expanding quickly as a result of the increasingly large amount of foreign investment being made in the country. Read on for more info on working in Albania’s capital.

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To walk through the bustling pedestrianized center of modern Tirana, it's difficult to believe that just over two decades ago the city was in the grip of a repressive and highly insular communist regime. In recent years, the city has wasted little time in opening up to the modern world, resulting in a fascinating clash of bright modern architecture and big-city aspirational living, with the lingering visual remnants of the nation's past. Some hangovers remain — corruption can be a problem in Tirana, and many of the city's public services aren't quite up to modern Western standards. However, the overall quality of life is high, and a friendly, welcoming spirit is central to the Albanian cultural identity, making Tirana a great city for expatriates. Many expats are drawn by development and investment opportunities in key industries including textiles, pharmaceuticals and the production of machinery. The English language is also highly valued but not yet widely taught, meaning teaching it as a foreign language is also a popular career move for many expats. Like most of Albania, Tirana is still something of a hidden gem, but Europe is increasingly waking up to the many charms of this ambitious and forward-looking capital.

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At InterNations, we specialize in helping expats make meaningful business and social connections at home and around the world. The safety and security of our community is of paramount importance, which is why we place the key principles of honesty, ethical behavior and mutual respect at the very core of our platform. Feel free to use our service to ask any questions you might have about living in Tirana. You may need advice on obtaining private healthcare or a place for your child in a high-quality international school. You might also be wondering what to expect from Tirana's roads, or looking for job opportunities in the capital. Alternatively, you may wish to meet fellow expats in person to trade tips and insights over coffee, or to form a walking group to explore the city's beautiful surroundings. Whatever you need, InterNations members will be happy to share their knowledge. Why not sign up for our next InterNations Official Event in Tirana? We host events regularly, providing a fun communal space in one of Tirana's many attractive venues, where you can mingle with fellow expats and take the first steps towards becoming a part of the city's thriving international community.

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Jacques Paillard
"Moving to Tirana was much more seamless when I knew that InterNations would provide me with a fantastic network of expats."
Luciana Barros
"InterNations has helped me meet other South American expat women in Tirana."

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