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Kerry: shallicomparethee

In our InterNations Recommended Blog section we let you take the spotlight! Expat life in general is, of course, a perfect breeding ground for great, user-generated reads, and life in Oman makes no exception. Take your time and browse the great blogs showcased in this article!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Who you are, where you come from, when you moved to Oman, etc.

My name is Kerry-Lynn Bouman. I am from Durban, South Africa and have been teaching English in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman for the last four years.

When and why did you decide to start blogging about your experiences?

I have always enjoyed English, writing, travelling and photography, it made sense to start one as I have toured Oman extensively.

Read my blog at: shallicomparethee

Do you have any favorite blog entries of yours?

These can be found on my blog.


Tell us about the ways your new life in Oman differs from that back home. Did you have trouble getting used to the new circumstances? Did you experience culture shock?

Very big difference and change. This is a Muslim country so there are many differences, even the weekend is a Thursday and Friday. However the people are kind and friendly so adapting was not too difficult.

Do you think you were fully prepared for what awaited you in Oman? If you could, would you change some decisions/preparations you made?

No, you can never prepare fully, however I did scrutinize my working contract and was happy with the outcome.

Every expat knows that expat life comes with some hilarious anecdotes and funny experiences. Care to share one with us?

No really funny ones, except Hair dressing Salons here are called ‘Saloons’ here so you need to be prepared that you will not get a drink there!

Which three tips would you like to give future expats before they embark on their new life in Oman?

Look into the country through the eyes of the Net, watch the movies, read the articles, follow a few blogs, get to know the culture, blogs are excellent coz they tell it like it is.

How is the expat community in Oman? Did you have a hard time finding like-minded people or fellow expats?

No, in fact there are many socials all the time, every month. Sago (South African Organisation runs socials and all expats are invited)

How would you summarize your expat life in Oman in a single, catchy sentence?

Came to see. . . here to stay!

Francois Carpentier

"Coming with my family wasn't easy at the beginning, but thanks to the local scouts we received some excellent advice. "

Marielle Depois

"I will never forget the great support provided the InterNations Ambassador in Muscat when I came to Oman as an expat woman on my own. "

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