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Kenzo Anzai
"Some very good insider tips from other InterNations people helped me to expand my tourism business in Andalusia. Thanks!"
Anna Maria Osario
"Even though Spanish is my mother tongue, only with the help of InterNations I finally got to know other South Americans here in Spain. "

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Hola and a warm welcome to our Malaga Community! InterNations is here to support you as you plan to move and settle into your new life abroad. As a member, you'll find others who've made the move before and have plenty of experience to share. You can ask any questions you may have, such as "how do I access medical care in Malaga?", "how can I find an apartment in the city", or "how can I apply for residency in Spain?", simply by joining InterNations. You'll find all the answers you need and please feel free to share your own valuable experiences as an expat, too. After arriving in Malaga, InterNations will be your doorway into the vibrant international community of expats already settled in this sunny coastal city. We'll help you meet like-minded members and get the most out of your new way of living.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Riyadh or Singapore.

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  • Moving to Malaga

    Malaga's hot, dry climate makes it an appealing place to move to and the Costa Del Sol is particularly popular with expatriates from around the world who are either at, or near, retirement age. Read one for more details on this city, its climate, and visas for Spain.
  • Living in Malaga

    Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history dating back around 2,800 years. It is the sixth largest city in Spain and its location makes it the southernmost big city in Europe. Find more about expat life Malaga, from transportation to culture and safety in this article.
  • Working in Malaga

    Malaga relies heavily on its tourism sector, new investments have kept the construction industry busy and thousands of people are employed in the city's high-tech, science and industrial park. Find out more about the local economy, job hunting and work permits in this guide.

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Facts about Expat Life and the Local Economy in Malaga

Known as the capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga is a historic city filled with cultural highlights, including a Roman theater and the Museo Picasso Málaga, dedicated to the city's most famous artist, Pablo Picasso. Every year, the city celebrates centuries-old religious and cultural festivals including Holy Week and Fiestas de Carnaval. But Malaga is also a city looking forward, and along with its mainstay sectors of tourism and construction, it's also home to a booming technology services industry. With entrepreneurial plans afoot to turn Malaga into the Silicon Valley of Europe, it's a great time for expats to embark on a new life in this Andalusian city.

InterNations is the largest global network for expatriates, with communities in 420 cities across the globe. Get to know fellow internationals in your city, before you're moving, or when traveling somewhere and never feel like a stranger. InterNations makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your expat friends, both online and offline, so you can grow your network of friends and contacts from all over the world. Whether they live in Hong Kong or Dubai, InterNations allows you to be close to them even if they are miles away.

Find Friends and Build Your Network in Malaga with InterNations!

At InterNations, you'll find a friendly, diverse community of members who pride themselves on providing sound advice and a welcoming place for all expats to get together and learn more about their expat destinations. We value respectful, honest interaction so you can feel confident asking any questions you may have about your move to Malaga. Whether you're looking for recommendations for a good local restaurant, or you're stumped by a tricky bit of paperwork, you'll find plenty of experienced expats happy to advise you. Settle into your new home smoothly by keeping up with your favorite activities. You're sure to find InterNations members with similar passions who can show you the ropes in your new city. So whether you settle in Centro, Palma-Palmilla, or Cuidad Jardin, and enjoy cooking, playing sports or learning Spanish, join InterNations to find out about offline gatherings with like-minded members. And don't forget to attend some the larger get-togethers organized by InterNations — you'll get to meet fascinating globe trotters with lots of interesting insights to share.

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Kenzo Anzai
"Some very good insider tips from other InterNations people helped me to expand my tourism business in Andalusia. Thanks!"
Anna Maria Osario
"Even though Spanish is my mother tongue, only with the help of InterNations I finally got to know other South Americans here in Spain. "

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