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"In such an international city such as Washington, D.C. InterNations holds great events for everyone to network and enjoy themselves."

Our Friendly Community of Expats in Honolulu Welcomes You!

Aloha! Welcome to InterNations Honolulu. There is much to be excited about when planning your move to Honolulu. O'ahu Island is a foodie's dream, boasting the world's top chefs, multi-ethnic dishes, and colorful farmers markets, all centering around the capital city. The Pow Wow Hawaii arts festival is hosted by Kaka'ako, a vibrant and thriving district often overlooked by travelers in favor of the hustle, bustle, and golden sands of Waikiki Beach. Being the state capital and the most populated city in Hawaii, many expats are drawn to Honolulu by the work opportunities. But whether your move is for business or pleasure, InterNations wants to ensure you make the most of this wonderful city; through our private community of Honolulu expats, we can offer you any advice you may need.

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  • Moving to Honolulu

    Best known for its constant sunshine and warm temperatures, Honolulu is an extremely popular destination for expatriates and tourists alike. But preparations for moving to Honolulu are always in order! Read the InterNations Expat Guide for an overview of the city, climate and visa application process.
  • Living in Honolulu

    Living in Honolulu comes with plenty of delightful perks. With a holidays vibe and a generally laid-back lifestyle, this location is ideal for any expatriates keen on enjoying what the island has to offer. Read to find out more about Honolulu's education, transportation, culture and leisure.
  • Working in Honolulu

    Hawaii's capital and most populous city, Honolulu is a major business and trading hub due to its location in the Pacific Ocean. Check out our guide to make the most out of working in Honolulu: you'll find everything from economic overview and job search to work permit details.

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What Can You Expect from Expat Life in Honolulu?

At this stage it's natural to have many questions, or even anxieties about your move to Honolulu, for example, "what can I expect from the business culture in Honolulu?", "how can I find affordable accommodation?", or "how do I enroll my children in school?". Our experienced community of Honolulu expats can advise you on all the issues above, and many more, such as where to find the best Luau food, which districts of the city are most affordable, and where to find live music and theater. This wealth of knowledge allows you to truly embrace your expat life in Honolulu.

Build Your Expat Network in Honolulu with InterNations!

As well as providing online knowledge, our international community also offers you the opportunity to network offline. With InterNations Honolulu you can attend events and join groups, which are the perfect opportunity for you to continue hobbies and develop new interests while making friends along the way. Our Honolulu expats are currently running an Outdoor Action Group, which hosts BBQs, hiking, biking, and drinks events, and you are always able to start your own group if nothing takes your fancy. As a Honolulu expat member, you will also be invited to attend InterNations' larger events, giving you the chance to network and to meet like-minded people.

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