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Moving abroad requires extensive research and continuous contact with many organizations, each handling an intricate step of your relocation process. Until now, finding a home, getting a visa, shipping items, and even registering with tax authorities overseas had to be done separately. Not anymore. InterNations GO! was created to help you manage it all.

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Guidance on visa applications, assistance finding a great home overseas, and shipping your personal items safe and soundly, are all part of the support we provide to set you up to the best start.

Moving and Storage

We treat your items with care and provide a smooth door-to-door delivery, to and from anywhere in the world. Our services include packing, overseeing customs processes, shipping, and unpacking. Additionally, if you need storage, our partners provide spaces in both your current and future overseas destinations. Quality and reliability are our top priority, so you can expect your items to arrive safely and on time.

Home Finding

We help you secure a home in your new country, whether you are looking for a short or long-term solution. We work with partners that are experts in local housing markets around the globe, and find the right option for you, according to your needs and budget. We can manage your contract negotiations, and all the documentation related to renting or purchasing properties, eliminating any paperwork-related doubts.

Visa Solutions

Even with a job secured at your future destination, obtaining the appropriate visa is difficult. Our experts help you succeed by introducing you and your family to the most suitable visa and work permit option, and the required documentation to obtain them. Our visa professionals guide you through the application process, the completion of application forms, and ensure that you apply for the visa you need for this transition.

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Settling-In Services

Get assistance registering with local tax authorities and national health services; setting up utilities; obtaining a driver’s license; buying a car; and finding insurance solutions. We advise you on the best banking options, including accounts with multiple currencies and international transfer alternatives. We arrange professional services, like doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, and translators, who speak your language.

Language Training

We understand that learning the local language is an essential part of a successful integration. Whether you need to brush up on work-related vocabulary, or start with the basics, we organize and arrange language training at your new destination. Our experts will assess your knowledge, and sign you up for appropriate group classes or arrange private tutoring for you and your family, depending on your preference.

Cultural Training

Our local culture experts introduce you to the etiquette, ways of thinking, and traditions of the country you want to integrate into. Ask questions about the new culture, and learn its peculiarities before you face them in real life. Informative sessions or intensive courses are available according to your needs. This service is made for you, whether your job involves communication with locals or you wish to adapt sooner.

We Ease
You In

Once in your new home, we help you settle in. Then, with the help of our language and cultural training, you will feel like a local in no time.

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We Bring
You Together

Move with your family and pets. We find the best schools for your children, and arrange for your furry friends to tag along on your expat adventure.

School Search

Together with local education experts, we help you find and compare schools, kindergartens, nurseries, and daycare, taking into consideration tuition fees, curriculum, admission requirements, and more. We arrange meetings with school officials and help with school registration. For the best learning experience, we help you choose suitable childcare professionals, tutors, or higher education opportunities in the area.

Pet Relocation

The well-being of your pets during a relocation is very important. Yet, international regulations, vaccinations, quarantine periods, travel documents, and shipping arrangements can make their transition as stressful as your own. We ease this process, with the assistance of professional animal caretakers who arrange it all for you. Whether it is a bird, dog, even a horse, we will make your pet’s arrival smooth and convenient.

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Why take on the overwhelming complexities of an international relocation alone? With the use of our services, you can easily avoid many of the potential pitfalls during this important life transition. Choose to go with InterNations GO! and prepare for an expat adventure of a lifetime.

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