All You Need to Know
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What is relocation? How is it different from moving? What is a relocation package and what services does it include? How to negotiate a relocation package? We are here to clarify any doubts you might have about relocation, because we want to help you GO!

Managing a relocation without prior experience or local knowledge requires a lot of time and effort. As professionals who have relocated many times before, at InterNations GO! we want to give our clients what we were missing: an easy way to move and live abroad. What does it entail? Tailored services that cater to your essential relocation needs, all in one place.


First, let’s go through the basics:

What is Relocation?

Relocating is an umbrella-term that covers both the physical move as well as the rest of the arrangements pre and post moving to your new destination. Unlike moving, relocation does not only mean transporting your belongings from one place to another. Relocation refers to international moves. If used in a domestic (single country) context, a significant distance between origin and destination is implied.

What Steps does a Relocation Entail?

The relocation process can be broken down into three stages: pre-departure arrangements, the move itself, and post-arrival steps. This doesn’t sound too complex, yet, the arrangements that come with each stage certainly are.


A few things you will need to consider at each point:



  • Find out more about the country you are planning to settle in. Consider cost of living, housing and educational opportunities, as well as cultural differences.
  • Look into visa options.
  • Search for a suitable accommodation.


  • Make travel arrangements.
  • Hire a moving company to take care of your belongings.
  • Consider storage solutions.
  • Pack your belongings taking specific custom rules into consideration.


  • Take care of your legal and tax status.
  • Arrange health-related services (find a suitable doctor, health insurance policies, etc.).
  • Find cultural training opportunities.
  • Look into language training (if applicable).

A significant number of additional preparations might be required if you are thinking of moving abroad with your partner, kids (school search) or your pets (pet relocation).

What are Relocation Services?

Relocation services are services that help you transition from your current home to a new destination. Relocating from one place to another requires a lot of thorough research and insider knowledge that good relocation service providers are proud to offer. Amongst other services, they can usually assist with moving, housing, and settling-in arrangements. These services commonly cater to people who are moving internationally.

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What is a Relocation Package?

A relocation package is a bundle of relocation services that aim to satisfy your specific needs when moving abroad. They often come organized in different tiers, such as basic, premium, and all-inclusive.

What does a Relocation Package Usually Include?

Each relocation package is different as they all are tailored to specific needs. Usually, a relocation package includes a combination of the following services:

  • Packing and moving
  • Accommodation assistance

Some packages might also include additional services, such as:

  • Visa assistance
  • Storage solutions
  • Language and intercultural trainings
  • Help when settling in (finding a doctor, tax advisor, immigration lawyer, etc.)
  • Search for schooling options
  • Pet relocation assistance

Relocation packages requirements will be very different for someone moving abroad with three children and someone moving alone. No matter your specific conditions, tailoring the relocation package to your individual needs will always be the best choice.

Examples of International Relocation Packages

You can always choose a relocation package that suits your needs the best. These are a few examples of how an international relocation package can look like:


Tom is moving from the US to France, where he just received a job offer. He is single, has no kids, and lives with two dogs.

What relocation services Tom needs:

  • Visa services
  • Packing and moving
  • Accommodation search
  • Pet relocation services


Maria got promoted in the company she’s been working for for years and is now moving from Spain to Australia. She is married, has two kids.

What relocation services Maria needs:

  • Visa services for her and her family
  • Packing and moving
  • Accommodation search
  • School search


Julia is moving from the UK to the UAE, where she has just been transferred. She is single, has no kids, is a current home-owner, and wishes to invest into more property.

What relocation services Julia needs:

  • Visa services
  • Packing and moving
  • Storage solutions
  • Accommodation search
  • Intercultural training

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What is the Average Cost of a Relocation Package?

A basic relocation package with three standard services (e.g., home search, visa assistance, and settling-in) costs around 1,500 USD. A premium package which includes the shipment of belongings can go up to 4,000 USD.

These are the standard prices for one individual. The prices go up the more people you include in your relocation package, and the longer the distance between your current country and your destination.

What Should I Keep in Mind When Negotiating My Relocation Package?

Before deciding what should you be asking for in your relocation package, consider the country you are moving to and research the following:

  • What are the taxes?
  • Will you receive a relocation bonus, and if so, will this amount be taxed?
  • What is the immigration process like?
  • What is the average cost of housing, groceries, utilities, and healthcare?
  • How far away is the new destination and how difficult it is to get there?

Think about your situation:

  • What personal belongings you wish to bring along with you?
  • What type of accommodation you are looking for?

Consider who is coming with you: any family or pets? This will have a direct impact on the above points.

Once you have thought of these aspects, you can choose the best relocation package to suit your specific needs, whether it is a basic or more extended bundle of services.

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Why Should I Choose a Relocation Package Over Specific Services from Different Companies?

Choosing a tailored relocation package will save you time and take away most of your relocation worries. You will not have to shop around for each service separately, nor evaluate the quality levels of individual and untested providers. You will significantly reduce the research phase, because relocation professionals will support you with a significant amount of insider knowledge. By choosing a customized relocation package, you will minimize your relocation stress and save a huge amount of time and energy.

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