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“The legendary albatross crosses oceans and borders determined to explore the world”

How the Albatross Became the Symbol of InterNations

A logo can be like a symbol. It carries a message for those who created it and those it was created for. The InterNations brand is built on two principles: it’s global, and it is about bringing people together. But InterNations members are not just any kind of people: they are expats and global minds. We wanted to find a way to reflect this in our logo, to find a symbol to express that international life style. And this is where the iconic albatross comes in.

It’s All About the Journey ...

The albatross is not just any kind of bird. Albatrosses travel around the world, conquering longer distances than any other species. Yet they often maintain a special connection to their place of birth, which draws them back “home” every once in a while. Still, albatrosses spend most of their life in constant movement, using their formidable wingspan to ride the ocean winds and soar dynamically for hours without rest. They can live up to 60 years and in that time they would have traveled millions of kilometers.

In fact, what makes albatrosses special among birds is not just architecture but also state of mind: they are explorers, and their life is a journey. And this is why an albatross circumnavigating the globe has become the perfect symbol for our expats and global minds.

... And the Destination

They say that birds of a feather flock together, and that is also true for albatrosses who enjoy the company of others when they are on land. However, while the albatross is perfectly suited to its itinerant life style, taking off and landing can pose a challenge. Not only does it require a lot of strength and energy, but small injuries are no rare occurrence when albatrosses set foot on new territory.

We know that moving from country to country can be tough for expats as well. That’s why we have established vibrant and welcoming communities in 390 cities all around the world, where expats can enjoy the company of other global minds, establish new contacts in every country they go to, and make friends at more than 4000 monthly events & activities all across the globe. So there’s no need to break a leg every time you arrive in a new country!